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Estimated cost of some products in Mexico

 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Breakfast cookies$20.00$1.86
Juice - 1 liter$13.00$1.20
Yoghurt natural 1.0 liter$19.00$1.77
Milk 1.0 liter$9.00$0.84
Coffee - 1 kg$90.00$8.37
Coffee soluble 200 grs$42.00$3.90
Refreshments and beverages
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Bottled water 60 cl$6.00$0.56
Bottled water 1.5 liter$9.00$0.84
Coca Cola 60cl$6.00$0.56
Corona beer 33cl$5.00$0.47
Bud beer 33cl$11.00$1.02
Other foods
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Frozen Pizzas$60.00$5.58
Frozen fish$27.00$2.51
Can of soup$14.00$1.30
Instant soup packets$5.00$0.47
Tomato sauce 820 grs$28.00$2.60
Spiral Pasta 500 grs$8.00$0.74
Tuna in oil 200grs$9.00$0.84
Salami 100 grs$44.00$4.09
Turkey breast 250 grs$18.00$1.67
Sliced cheese 200 grs$16.00$1.49
Potato chips 180 grs$13.00$1.21
Loaf of Sliced bread$16.00$1.49
Dozen eggs$10.00$0.93
Butter 250 grs$4.00$0.37
Olive oil 1 liter$62.00$5.77
Sugar 1kg$10.00$0.93
Salt 1 kg$4.00$0.37
Flour 1 kg$7.00$0.65
Drinks in a Bar/Restaurant
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Coca Cola$12.00$1.12
Bottled water 33 cl.$10.00$0.93
Coffee or tea$16.00$1.49
Meals or foods in a Bar/Restaurant
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Menu of the day (2 courses + desert + beverage)$35.00$3.26
Dinner (2 courses + desert + beverage)$35.00$3.26
Fast food Restaurant
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Menu meal$50.00$4.65
Personal Hygiene
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Shower gel$33.00$3.07
Deodorant roll-on$24.00$2.23
Gillette shaving gel$64.00$5.95
Other costs
 MEX PesoUS Dollar
Taxi$25.00 -$35.00$2.32 - $3.25
Ticket for the cinema$46.00$4.27
Postal stamp for the US$10.50$0.97
Postal stamp for Europe$13.00$1.20
Postal stamp for Japan$14.50$1.35
Tip you give in restaurants10%

(updated 07-05-2005)

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