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Nightlife in Málaga, Spain – An insider’s guide

Though Escuela Internacional offers a full program of afternoon activities, students do like to get out and about on their own and with friends as well. The secretaries at each of the Escuela Internacional schools are often the best place to seek advise and good information. Málaga native, Pilar Alvarez (in picture), offers a week's entertainment possibilities around her hometown.  

Mondays are perfect to go to "La Tortuga", which is a coffee bar located in the "Paseo Marítimo" (boardwalk) close by the school in Pedregalejo. There are many bars close by, but students especially gather in this one on Mondays. It's like a "nonofficial" welcome day. There they get to know students from different schools, talk about where to go, which are the fashionable bars ...

Tuesdays are calm, but in the center (calle Granada) there is a bar called "La Campana" very well known because you can have a beer and "tapitas" very cheaply, and later opposite is the "Sound", where they offer free Salsa lessons (although they are not very formal, a single instructor for all). Later people stay around to dance Salsa.

Wednesday Bar Bretania organizes the "Día de la Gamba" (shrimp day). Recently tried and strongly recommended. For 5€ you can have all the shrimp you can eat, plus they put out cheese, bread, salad and olives. Drinks are extra. When it's on they also show the football games and the students love it. Later, the Sound also offers salsa classes on Wednesdays (this is a better day than Tuesday). The "Quiriquá", another coffee bar, in calle Santa Lucia that give free Flamenco lessons (sevillanas, rumbas and alegrías) at 21:00.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

People go to the bars in the center of town such as:

  • Morriseys (C/ Granada)
  • O'Neills (close to la Plaza Mitjana)
  • La Latina (Corner in Plaza de la Merced)
  • Treinta y tantos (C/ Beatas)
  • Toulouse Latrec (C/ Echegaray)

They go for tapas in the afternoons at:

  • Lo Güeño (Near c Larios): This tapería is 36 years old and is a little more expensive than normal, but it has very interesting tapas like "pajaritos fritos" and "calamaritos rellenos".
  • Tobalo's in Avda. Salvador Allende (in El Palo - close to Escuela Internacional)
  • La Abuela María (right next to Tobalo's)
  • La Beata (C/ Beatas)


  • Cafe con libros (C/ Granada)
  • La Oficina (Avda. Juan Sebastián Elcano - close to the school)
  • The cafes along the Paseo Marítimo - they love Pedregalejo. Having a coffee while sitting in the outdoor terraces in the sun, listening to music in front of the sea (who wouldn't like that?).
  • Pilí especially recommends the cafe in the Hotel Cohiba, also on the Marítimo, and El Pedregal, because they play good Salsa.

Students also enjoy going out to "el Plaza Mayor", a leisure center near the airport where there are all types of bars, taparías, restaurants, cinemas and bowling. When they feel like venturing a bit farther from Málaga another area she recommends is the "Puerto Marina" in nearby Benalmadena where there are many discos and music bars.

there are still fiestas in Málaga. At "el Pícaro de la Habana" in "el Plaza Mayor" they have free Salsa lessons on Sundays, and it's also a great place on Saturday nights.


Well, we hope this whets your appetite for enjoying Málaga by night as much as enjoying the beaches by day, and that this will help you to know a bit more about the flavor of Málaga.



Escuela Internacional Central Registration Office
C/ Talamanca, 10, 28807 Alcala de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Telephone: +34 91 883 12 64, Fax: +34 91 883 13 01
e-mail: info@escuelai.com

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