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Shopping in Salamanca

Español - English

Salamanca, a capital city of this region of Spain, known for its university tradition and cultural richness is also rich in a variety of services and comercial establishments. The city has a central area with stores and shops of all kinds and the following are some suggestions for a day out shopping in Salamanca.

There are several well know areas for shopping in the city center. There are 2 streets lined with shops that extend from the main Plaza Mayor: Zamora and Toro Streets extend to one side leaving the plaza though the two main archways. Rua Mayor extends from the other side of the plaza and is an important comercial area especially for souveniers and gifts typical of Salamanca. Leaving the Plaza Mayor in the direction of the market and moving down the street a bit more you reach another shopping area on Gran Via.

There are also larger shopping centers in the outskirts of Salamanca such as the Tormes shopping center which has an ample range of clothing stores, but also contains a variety of restaurants, bars and cafeterias in which you can take a break between visiting any stores here.

One of the best and most central areas for buying clothing is Calle Toro. You can find all types of clothing at a variety of price ranges in stores like H&M or Zara. Stradivarious is another good option. For those who aren’t concerned about price, Cortefiel has good quality for men and Mango for women. 

Crossing the Plaza in the direction of the Cathedral, on Rua Mayor there are many shops which offer tpical foods of the region. In Aperos y Viandas and La Despensa you can find such apetizing variety of products such as hornazos, cured ham, wine, legumes, obleas, chorizo, honey, typical sweets and many other tasty items of the Salamanca region.

A recommended stop in your search for souveniers is to pass by the VALOR chocolate shop to savour the best “churros con chocolate” in the area. When it’s time to continue on you can go over to the Universitate Mercatus Salamantinae, very near the cathedral where you can find sweatshirts, T-shirts, books, notebooks and just about everything with the Salamanca University shield. You should also visit several souvenier shops spread all along the Rua Mayor, among them worth mention is Hispania e Imar where you can purchase assorted and valuable souveniers such as Spanish shawls, decorated fans, tapestries, key rings, wineskins, flamenco dresses, jewlery, hats and t-shirts, stuffed animals, especially the frog, the decorative element on the university fascade which tends to be an obligatory purchace among visitors to Salamanca. 

Also worth mention is the Sunday “rastro” market in the area of Aldehuela where you can purchase all types of products at good prices in the most pure Spanish atmosphere. And finally Asian students may like to know that there is a Taiwanese store on Avenida Italia where you can buy all types of products necessary for preparing typical oriental dishes. 

Have fun shopping!

Escuela Internacional Central Registration Office
C/ Talamanca, 10, 28807 Alcala de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Telephone: +34 91 883 12 64, Fax: +34 91 883 13 01
e-mail: info@escuelai.com

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